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> Part 1: Deconstructing a Water Project
> Part 2: Deconstructing a Water Project
> comments to BOR on ALP DSEIS
> Ute Indian Negotiating Forum; Stream Quantification Subcommittee
> CPA Senate hearing Testimony on ALP Cost Overruns

Citizens Progressive Alliance Petitions for Rehearing as Colorado Supreme Court Ignores Law
Posted by Steve Cone on 4:23 PM October 27, 2008

By this ruling, CPA contends the Colorado Supreme Court ignored, if not defied, a United States Supreme Court decision that CPA made a central issue in its legal briefs. CPA showed ALP involves rank water speculation in violation of state law. CPA contended ALP is really not a “water project.” There is no delivery system. There are no uses for the water. There is only a hole in the ground, Nighthorse Reservoir, to which water must be pumped 500 feet at public expense to evaporate, and go to waste. CPA showed that over 100 objectors to the application for the reserved water rights were denied their rights as parties and that as many as 6000 unsuspecting water users might be injured by ALP diversions.

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Wikipedia Article
Posted by Steve Cone on 2:19 PM October 19, 2008 CST

"The Animas-La Plata water project is being built to fulfill the water rights settlement of the two Indian tribes that live in Colorado – the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe and the Southern Ute Indian Tribe." So say the promoters of the Project; unfortunately, there was no consideration for the "settlement," because the Utes have never had a valid claim for water.

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‘Economic blackmail’ fueling power-plant push?
Posted by Steve Cone on 6:59 AM November 8, 2007

“You don’t see a big coal-fired power plant in Beverly Hills and Westchester [County, N.Y.] and Grosse Point, Mich.,” Goodell said. “They put them in places where people can’t afford to fight them, where they’re desperate for jobs, where you don’t have environmental communities organized to fight them. They’re always in poor regions. Nobody else would tolerate them. “They use that sort of economic blackmail – ‘We’ll bring you jobs, so please allow us to pollute your air and cook the planet for the next 50 years’.”

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Hypocrisy Reigns -- Ute Mountain Utes want their share of the Four Corners power polluters' pie
Posted by Steve Cone on 8:02 AM October 9, 2007

The Ute Mountain Ute Indian Tribe is opposed to the Environmental Impact Statement for Desert Rock, General Counsel Pete Ortego said, because “we didn’t feel that the EIS dealt with the cumulative impacts, given that there are so many other potential polluters out here.”

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another DEIS DREF comment
Posted by Steve Cone on 8:00 AM October 9, 2007

** Dine Power Authority is attempting to amend federal legislation to divert basin water from the long-term Navajo NIIP to M&I uses, including power production. Since this involves a controversial change in the application of a massive quantity of legally apportioned water, its broader implications - including the defacto uncertainty of sufficient water supplies for this project - should be clearly identified in final EIS. All San Juan (and Colorado River) basin water users have an interest and some stake in this modification of application.

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Center for Biological Diversity Comment of Desert Rock DEIS
Posted by Steve Cone on 6:59 AM October 9, 2007

The Desert Rock Project is an interconnected action and cumulative effect with the Navajo Gallup Water Supply project. As indicated in a July 23, 2007 email from David Campbell, U.S. Department of Interior and to Brian Millsap, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Project is an earmarked use for water from the Navajo Gallup Water Supply project. Indeed, the Project can not occur without this water. The EIS, therefore, must examine the impact of the Project in relationship to the Navajo Gallup Water Supply project and how both will impact listed species in light of the cumulative impact of climate change which is certain to reduce water levels in the San Juan River. The EIS must also take into account the fatal flaws in the U.S. Department of Interior hydrologic determination. The determination concludes that sufficient water is available for the Navajo Gallup Water Supply project because evaporative loss has been and will continue to be lessened by the reduction in surface area caused by lower reservoir levels. However, it fails to account for the fact that lower reservoir levels are themselves a product of decreased water in the river basin. The loss of water that results in decreased evaporation more than offsets any gains by decrease evaporation. The BIA has an independent obligation to consider the flawed hydrologic underpinninings of the DOI determination.

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Motion for Limited Discovery Concerning BOR 2007 Hydrologic Determination: San Juan River
Posted by Steve Cone on 8:00 AM October 8, 2007

The Bureau of Reclamation's 2007 Hydrologic Determination on the San Juan River magically found that the flow of the Colorado River is greater than anyone ever thought due to reduced evaporation rates from drought-shrunken reservoirs -- a feat of hydrological alchemy surpassed only by the BOR's penchant for justifying its continued existence by converting public funds and resources into private, corporate profits. This proclamation by the Secretary of the Department of the Interior identifies "new water" from the San Juan River -- water in just the right quantities necessary to fill the Navajo-Gallup Pipeline and operate the DREF. On 1 October 2007 a "Motion for Limited Discovery Concerning the 2007 BOR Hydrologic Determination" was filed in San Juan County's Eleventh Judicial Court to obtain from the United States and the State of New Mexico responses to certain interrogatories and the production of various documents pertinent to the formulation of the 2007 Hydrologic Determination.

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Draft Environmental Impact Statement Comment: Desert Rock Energy Facility
Posted by Steve Cone on 6:59 AM October 8, 2007

The sad truth is that water from the San Juan River Basin in New Mexico Navajo Water Rights Settlement through the Navajo-Gallup Water Pipeline would never reach many needy Navajo who have been promised their rightful share. Rather, the Navajo-Gallup Water Pipeline has been conceived as a conduit to convert water held in trust for the Navajo People to profits reaped by Sithe Global, LLC and the promoters of the Desert Rock Energy Facility. Thus, the politics of unbridled greed feed on the promise of environmental justice, and the People inherit a dismal legacy of pollution, degradation and death.

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Opposition Grows as Plans Move Forward for Navajo Power Plant
Posted by Steve Cone on 7:59 AM October 1, 2007

''We are tired of the roadblocks and barriers being put up to our people's sovereignty,'' said Alfred Bennett of Dooda Desert Rock. ''Navajo leaders are taking corporate money to poison our land, degrade our air and deplete our water.''

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Water Woes Roil Beleaguered Desert Rock
Posted by Steve Cone on 6:59 AM October 1, 2007

“These are open wounds in our Mother Earth! Who knows how much damage has been done,” said Elouise Brown, president of DDR. “We can only hope that our water and lands have not been badly contaminated and that they clean up after themselves and reclaim the grounds.”

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